Atheist Bale
Atheist Bale

I'm here to address anything I feel warrants attention, whenever I have time. I have a dual Bachelor's in film and in history, and was awarded for my critical/creative writing, so I try to write on my own topics besides the work I do in my jobs. I also have a Master's in Advanced English Studies and their Applications in Culture (and was the valedictorian of my 3-language class, hard flex) with an emphasis on composition, and you bet that's what I'm best at. I tend to ramble when I speak, but when I write, I can really whittle myself down to what matters.

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-USA (States of New Mexico, New York, Virginia, Florida, & Colorado).

-Spain (Asturias, Galicia, & Valencia regions).


-USA (States of Arizona, Utah, California, Nevada, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, Delaware, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, & Pennsylvania)







-The Vatican.


-United Kingdom.


-My girlfriend.

-NM Green Chile.




-Comic books.


-Cross cultural studies.





-Peanut Butter.

-The duck-billed platypus.






-Artificial intelligence.

-Religious zealots.

-Bad grammar.

-Totally uneducated radical right-wing maniacs who parrot their friends blindly and want to kill people to solve their problems.

-Partly educated leftists who parrot their friends blindly and accidentally spread false facts or undermine their own cause, or have unrealistic expectations.

-Centrists who do nothing.

-Weirdos from high school who act like they knew you really well in order to get something.



Atheist Bale

Atheist Bale


I’m not a pessimist, I’m correct. Follow me for troglodyte slaying 101.